Residential Homes

Residential Homes

From one home in 1976 to operating 8 homes today that serve approximately 30 persons with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disabilities, Evergreen Elm continues to support their Mission Statement.

Through residential living the people have an opportunity to learn what it is like to live away from home, yet still be in an environment that is safe. We offer assistance and encouragement to them in helping them reach their goals, see their dreams become a reality and become responsible people that give back to their community.

In residential living there is no such word as a “typical” day. From the time they get up in the morning (usually around 7:00 AM) until they go to sleep at night, these people are on the go. Most of them attend a Day Program of some kind, including the Senior Center, Future’s Rehabilitation Center, BRAD Center, or Life Skills. Upon returning home and after supper they are out the door again to the Activity Center, shopping, to a movie, a community event, or sometimes just to visit their friends at another home.

A weekend doesn’t look much different except that they are not attending a Day Program so they may sleep in, but never too late, because there is always a festival, a fair, or a visit home that they may attend!

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