Evergreen Elm Inc.’s, Home and Community Habilitation and Supportive Living programs, main goal is to encourage and support our individuals who live in the Bradford community to become more responsible for their own person and work toward becoming self-sufficient.

We have both a Mental Retardation Habilitation program and a Mental Health Supportive Living program. These services are in-home programs where we assist in the individual’s home. These programs are geared toward individual choice. Each individual is able to choose what areas they need assistance in and staff work with that individual to determine how the need can be met.

Both of these programs work toward the same goal of the individual choice and self-sufficiency. With this in mind we individually base the need for the support that each of our participants receive. Staff are available to assist our individuals with maintaining their hygiene, household maintenance, nutrition, shopping, budgeting, medication management, time structuring, and social endeavors.

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