Life Sharing

ben2Life Sharing is a program available through Evergreen Elm for the Intellectually Disabled.  The program matches families and individuals in the community with a person with an intellectual disability.  They share a home and their lives.

Life Sharing means living and sharing life experiences with supportive people who are from a caring household.  Life sharers and Individuals are carefully matched and supported by qualified professionals to achieve  individual objectives of the entire support team.

Life Sharing is based on the importance of enduring and permanent relationships as the foundation for learning life skills, developing self-esteem, and learning to exist in interdependence with others; the opportunity for each individual with intellectual disabilities to grow and develop to their fullest potential; the provision of individualized attention based on the needs of the individual with intellectual disabilities; and the participation of the individual with mental disabilities in everyday community activities. Life Sharing offers an opportunity for an individual with intellectual disabilities and a family to share their lives together.

Supervised by Evergreen Elm, Inc. the Life Sharing program will match an adult with a mental disability with a family/person in the community to live together as a family unit.

In addition to providing a good home, the host family actively participates in supporting the person in cultivating self-care, social skills and communication skills. By doing this, the provider assist the individual in becoming an active member of the community.

For these services, the provider receives financial reimbursement along with a room and board payment. In addition, the provider is assisted in finding respite workers to allow for time apart when needed.

Josh CurcioLife Sharing